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Fernando Ponte

Corte San Pietro, Matera (Italy)

"We used to have another website, a very elaborate one. Advanced skills were needed to manage it. We had to ask everything to the agency, which has to deal with its schedule. And we continued not to being able to do anything! Then we met freshcreator, which is much more contemporary and immediate. I'm not an expert about these things, but now I can make all the changes I want by myself." Discover more

 Tony Cataldi

Immobiliare Cataldi, Minturno (Italy)

"Your technical support is just perfect. I’ve never found before any technical assistance that would work so well. You answer, and that’s already something! I always find someone ready to help me. You even call me to see if everything is ok! Your team gives me the impression of being assisted by a personal tutor. These are little things but that I enjoy, especially because I’m starting from scratch." Discover more

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The easiest way to create, update and manage the website of your beauty salon. Try our marketing tools and the reservation management system.

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