Goodnight freshcreator

It is time to say goodnight to freshcreator.
It has past more than five years since the beginning of our ambitious adventure during which we were rewarded by many people who have used our service.
We have learned a great deal from our thousands of users and customers. We want to say Thank You to you all.
We were not in conditions to provide additional resources and investments necessary to maintain a high quality service and to enhance further the freshcreator platform. Thus, we decided to dedicate our energy and skills to other projects we are passionated about.

To ensure to all our customers the opportunity to maintain their website and have an efficient and innovative service, we have made a deal with FLAZIO; the latest generation platform, easy to use, recognized and appreciated internationally. We invite you to move to Flazio.

Attention, you have time until 31/03/2016 to make the switch to the new platform before the closure of your website.
Contact Flazio
+39 095 8178859